A Letter to Myself (Past, Present & Future)

We have been together for more than 30 years already and our journey were never been easy. For the past 30 years we experienced different downfall and happiness that made us who we are today.

Looking back, I never thought that we will surpass everything especially when we were at the lowest point of our lives. You were the only companion that I had during our darkest hour. Since the moment we are born until up today. There were a lot of things that we should have pushed through, dreams that we should have achieved and opportunities that we should have not let go. But hey that what we made us a better person today. If I could just go back to those days we should have been more optimistic about the future, we should have been more careful about our decisions in life; and when I always thinking about what we should have done there are regrets and realization, like if I did not do what should I have done I may not be the person who I am today.

Now in our present life, I would like to congratulate you for the achievements that we had, not only in terms of academic but in all sense of life. You are in the right path, just continue pushing yourself to achieve your unfinished business here on earth. But just be calmed and try to be more experimental in different things that you have not experience yet. There are a lot of things that we still have to do just keep on believing and never lose your hope. There are a lot of opportunities that lies ahead, we just have to focus and let go our fear about the uncontrollable things. Let’s soar high and continue being a better person.

Future seems so vague at this moment, but I know we are ready to anything. Dreams and wishes will be lying ahead. Let’s just be prepared and equip our lives. In God’s will and in perfect whatever we desire and longing for will be given to us. Cheers to our future life.

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