How to Create Your Blog Logo for Free

Are you one of the aspiring bloggers out there? This one is for you.

As a new blogger, there are a lot of stages that comes along in forming your own blog. After doing your research meticulously and reading a lot of blogs regarding all the materials that you have to prepare in order to have your own blog. Having your own Logo is one of the key factors. This was my first struggle during the first stage of launching my very own blog, because I believe that having my own logo will make my blog legit and unique.

I have tried couple of sites that will ask you for payment which not advisable for a new blogger in my opinion. Besides I have done my own research on how I could establish my own brand, it took me a lot of time and energy just finalizing this. I believe that if you really put your heart on what you are doing anything is possible.

Since I am just starting my blog, I wanted to invest my resources wisely. As much as possible I always try to find an alternative specially if there’s money involve. I don’t want to capitalize instantly and if ever that I have to invest monetarily I have to check thoroughly whether it is worthy. Everything is a gamble and if you always jump into something without even read-through if it is worthy you always at the trailing end.

Without further ado, here are the applications that are free at your disposal that helped me a lot in formulating my own brand / logo.

1. Paint Application

This application is very accessible you can generally find it installed in all the computers or you can download if for free (I guess 😊). Paint App will give you a lot of choices in making your own Logo, it allows you to use all the available options may it be colours, shapes, fonts and you can also put a photo that you desire and edit it at the same time. The only downfall that I have encountered in this app was that every time I have a correction with regards to my design it gave me a hard time to edit or to use the old version of my design. Nonetheless, I still recommend this App for all the new blogger out there.

2. LowGo Application

To all the Iphone user this app is literally for free (since I am an Iphone user I am not sure whether this app is available in play store). If you are looking for a simple logo design this app is for you. There are variety of choices that you can find in the app such as the shapes, fonts and colours. This is a user-friendly app, you can just select and place whatever design that is available in the app and you will have your own Logo. But since this application is free you only have a limited option, you can only use all the available materials in the app and nothing more.

3. Canva (

Canva is highly recommended by most of all the well-established bloggers, and this is literally one of my favorites. There are tons of Logo in the app that you will be overwhelmed with, and you wanted to use most of it. In this app what you need to do is choose among the free selections and customize the Logo. Customizing your Logo is easy as 1 2 3. Aside from that, if you would like to use you own design. Canva will allows you to do your own in the app using its available tools. The only fall back that I can see is that you probably different logo in mind which might not be free in the app.

These applications really saves the day ♥

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