This year is nothing but chaos,

Travelling has been compromised.

All our plans have been delayed.

Things are a little rough for some.

A lot of businesses have been closed.

There a people who lose their jobs.

The world and its people are suffering.

We have been in locked down.

Other countries are still in lock down.

We are all waiting for the cure.

And yet it seems like we are waiting in vain.

People are in pandemonium

We don’t know what lies ahead.

I know God has a better plan for our future.

Let’s just hope everyone find peace in every situation.

Find courage to survive and move forward

Travelling might be postponed.

But hey, we are still alive and kicking.

Enjoy every bits of life.

Appreciate the company of those who matters.

Treasure every moment.

There will be harmony after all this chaos.

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